Women Married to Ministers

Women married to ministers are some of the unsung heroes of our ministries throughout Southern New England. These women wear many hats, some she puts on and some that are put on her. The role does not come with a job description or compensation, but it often comes with a mountain of expectations. 

All of our efforts within the Women Married to Ministers (WMM) are created with this priority in mind; women married to ministry leaders in SNE are women that God has trusted with a very important role. 

For that purpose, the Women Married to Ministers exists to support, encourage, and invest in these significant women.


WMM One Days will be a time to gather together and build community among the women married to ministers in our Network. In community, we share life and grow. In community, our skills are sharpened, and priorities are clarified, as we serve Jesus in our home and ministry.

Our speakers will be women from within our community, sharing authentically on topics relevant to you. We will share life, pray together and make space for discussion. On this unique path we journey on, what a joy it is when we journey together. See you then!

WMM One Day

Mark your calendar and plan to join us:

Date: April 6 & October 5, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Location: SNE Ministry Network Office


Martha Blunt

Lori Bodley

Brandi Colón

Lauri Hawley

Andrea Thee

Miryan Yacovone

Gina Escobedo Fatato

Gina grew up in Texas. Her early ministry began in her
dad’s church. She did whatever needed to be done in
Sunday School and Youth work. After a couple years of
Bible College, she headed to Dental Hygiene school. While
there she led a Chi Alpha ministry on the campus.

After college, she moved to Michigan and was married to Nick. They will soon celebrate 40 years of life together. The
family includes four young adult children (three sons and
one daughter).

Gina and Nick worked side by side on college campuses in
Michigan and Massachusetts. This included starting
ministries and training leaders. They pastored Boston
Worship Center in downtown Boston for 9 years.

The past seventeen years Gina has served with Nick in
SNE Network leadership. Gina dedicates her time to
leadership development in the women of the Southern New
England Ministry Network, walking alongside the women
married to ministers in addition to being passionate follower
of Jesus.

Gina Escobedo Fatato
Coordinator for Women Married to Ministers

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