SNE Royal Rangers

The Southern New England Royal Ranger program is a place where young men learn Godly character in an environment of high energy activities, challenging small group bible studies and inspiring leadership teachings. This program is designed to empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders. Our Ranger Programs are available for boys in Kindergarten through High School.

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For boys in grades K – 2
For boys in grades 3 – 5
For boys in grades 6 – 8
For boys in grades 9 – 12

The "Every Boy Initiative"


SNE Royal Rangers Lead Team:

Network Rep
Josh Vega Jr.
Training Coordinator
Robert Golia
Comm. Coordinator
Andy Ross
FCF Chapter President
Nathan Laliberte

Ministry Rep: Josh Vega Jr.

Josh is the Network Royal Rangers Rep and has been a part of Royal Rangers since 1980. As a boy he served as a Senior Patrol Leader and Junior Leader. Josh is a Gold Medal of Achievement recipient with Gold and Silver Buffalos.

The last few years, Josh has served as the Network Training Coordinator and was Outpost Coordinator at Grace Fellowship Church in East Haven, CT. Josh originates from the Spanish Eastern District where he served as District Training Coordinator, Sectional Commander, and Outpost Coordinator.

Josh recently graduated from National Royal Rangers Academy and has served at the National Royal Rangers Ministry Camp as an Advisor/Instructor. Josh has a passion to train men and boys, serving the last 28 years as a Nationally Certified Instructor.

Josh is a career Fire Lieutenant with the New Haven Fire Department in New Haven, CT. He is active at Outpost 167 as an Assistant Group Leader.  He is married to Sylvia Vega, and has five children: JV3, Jeremiah, Samantha, Lucas, and Zechariah.

Josh Vega rr

April 15, 2023

Bethany Assembly of God
Agawam, MA


JUNE 23-25, 2023 – SNE Specific Event


Saturday, September 16, 2023

Ranger Kids offers every boy from kindergarten through second grade adventure and fun!   We’ll have a bunch of fun events for boys to win awards and much more.  We will also have a variety of fun activities including a special devotional with Bethany A/G Puppet Ministries.

Junior Leadership Development Academy

AUGUST 3-6, 2023

In the spring we host a POWER Packed day with 3 important Royal Ranger opportunities taking place at the SNEMN Network Center in Charlton, MA with:

  • Ranger Ministry Academy
  • Ranger’s KidMin Conference
  • Workshops


The goal of Junior Leadership Development Academy is to prepare young men for a gradual, ever increasing role of leadership in their local outpost.  They will receive specialized training based on their camp selection. Boys will learn things about himself and what he needs to do to follow the Lord’s leading in his life.  Those attending Academy will bring back to their outpost a higher standard of excellence that will become infectious. We are honored to equip the next generation of Christ-like men, and to empower lifelong servant leaders.

If you have an questions about the camp, please contact the Academy Director, Paul Alvarado.

Paul Alvarado
2017 Academy Coordinator
C. 413-519-6395

Documents and Forms:

1.  JLDA FLYER 2023

2. JLDA Camp Application Online

3. Medical Form

4. Photography Consent Form – Required to allow us to use cameras.

5.  Supervisory Certification Form – Pastor’s Certification of Church Workers.

6. Trail of the Saber Award Application – Completed once meeting the requirements for the award



The Ultimate Event for Guys!

National Camporama takes place once every four years in Eagle Rock, MO, and is filled with many exciting activities every guy will enjoy!  Click the button below to find out why it’s the “Ultimate Event for Guys”.



FCF is a special program of Royal Rangers dedicated to the advancement of the mission and purpose of the Royal Rangers ministry through the development of advanced camping and leadership skills.  It encourages members to pursue personal growth through the development of woodsmanship, leadership, friendship, achievement, and courage, utilizing the imagery and lore of the early American frontiersman. Membership is restricted to individuals who have met a specific list of requirements as presented in the FCF Handbook.

For more information about FCF and how to join visit

For Questions about FCF in Southern New England contact KornerStump, SNE FCF President


Frontiersman Camping Fellowship
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