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SNE Women

SNE Women exists to resource women’s ministry leaders within the local church and facilitate connection amongst the leaders.

2021 Update:

We miss gathering with you! Due to COVID restrictions and concerns, all events remain paused. However, we are seeking new ways to resource and connect with you as a women’s ministry leaders. Please stay tuned for exciting news from SNE Women.

Database Update:

We are updating our database to ensure we have the correct Women’s Ministry leader contact information for every church. If you are currently serving as a women’s ministry leader in your church and you would like to stay informed of upcoming news, please fill out our contact form.


Our annual Women of Influence Conference for “Every Woman” is usually held in November. Hundreds of women gather from all over Southern New England to join together in sisterhood and community.

Through worship, relevant teaching, and intentional connection – we experienced life change. For many, this weekend becomes a memorializing moment where God comforts and challenges us in our journey with Him.

The format and structure of the conference varies based off of theme and purpose for that given year. We seek God’s direction for each year. God, what do you have for us this year?

Please note: all events are on pause due to COVID restrictions and concerns. We are currently evaluating other options for resourcing and connecting. Please stay tuned.

Influence One Day Conference:

Influence One Day is a conference for “every woman”. Every woman influences someone. We lead in our homes, workplaces, communities, and churches. If you want to grow in your influence and leadership, this event is for you! This one day retreat away is a time for soul and spiritual formation.

We will explore themes such as soul care, self care, and spiritual formation – most importantly the integration of our spiritual and emotional health so that we can better lead and love others for Christ.

This is a day for you to break away from the schedule and roles, discover sisterhood, and grow as one who influences others for Christ!

Please note: all events are on pause due to COVID restrictions and concerns. We are currently evaluating other options for resourcing and connecting. Please stay tuned.

Love Generously Missions

Love Generously (previously known as Love Line) is the Women of Influence missions efforts in the US and abroad. We work in partnership with the Southern New England Ministry Network. We give financial care and other kinds of support to the following:

  1. Foreign and US Missionaries

  2. Southern New England Church Planters

  3. Southern New England Non-profits and Parachurch Ministries

  4. Benevolence Fund for Women in Need (primarily related to event attendance)

  5. Administration Fees (percentage each given each year for administration and processing costs)

We announce the new project each year at our annual conference.
Some of our past projects include (but not limited to):

  • Southern New England missionaries

  • Special projects such as Real Kidz in Boston, MA

  • Various Southern New England church plants

  • Project Rescue

  • Selah Ministries in India

  • Sponsoring women, so that they can attend the annual women’s conference

We receive recommendations from the network office, section reps, and the National Women’s Ministries department. Primarily, however, much prayer, thought, and leadership discussion occurs for the final decision. The final decision is approved by the Network Office Leadership.

Women of Influence overall mission’s goals are set by early fall of the prior year, and then announced at the November conference. (For example, 2018’s goal is set in the Fall of 2017 and the goals are announced at the November 2018 conference where pledges are made.)

  1. Local church women’s groups may collectively make a group pledge (goal of funds raised). They work together through their local church offerings and fundraising events to meet this goal.
  2. Individuals desiring to make personal pledges or one-time gifts.
  3. One time gifts or sponsorships from various businesses or ministries.
  4. Offerings at various district women’s events.

We raised $20,992 for missions in 2020! Below is a list of the projects supported:

  1. Selwyn and Lori Bodley – Southern New England Missionaries serving the network by supporting missionaries throughout SNEMN.
  2. SNEMN Missionaries in current need or raising funds for entering the field:
    • Rebekah Nichols
    • Bianca Cooley
    • Jeremy and Jamie Fulton
    • Thierry Mugabe
    • Kevin and Rebekah Rodriguez
    • Jonathan and Mary Liz Traverse
  3. (5) $200 Gift Cards for SNEMN Missionaries in need. (Mission’s Director, Selwyn Bodley works with the mission’s committee to determine needs and makes recommendations accordingly to SNEMN Women’s Ministry.

We raised around $32,000 for missions in 2019! Below is a list of the projects supported!

  • US Focus: Teen Challenge Rhode Island, Bloom Teen Challenge, and Amirah New England

  • Southern New England missions project: Max and Lauren Brockmeyer

Hands-On Project:

  • We joined together with Bloom Teen Challenge to paint their residence in April 2019!

At the 2017 conference, we casted vision to you, local women’s ministries throughout Southern New England, to join together to raise funds for each of our US Missionaries here in Southern New England. In addition, many of our local women’s ministries participated in our first ever adopt-a-missionary program.

We are so excited to share that due to your generosity – we are able to give $1000 to each of our 22 US Missionaries that were serving in 2018.

Ministry Director: Rev. Christan Causey

Christan Causey is an ordained minister, serving as the Director of Minister Care and SNE Women for the Southern New England Ministry Network. She is passionate about serving as a pastor, counselor, teacher, and writer focused on helping others integrate their whole self to experience God’s grace and transformation from the inside out. With an M.A. in Human Services Counseling, and a concentration in Marriage and Family Ministry, Christan is passionate about ministering through soul care and supporting ministry leaders in spiritual and emotional health.

Christan and her husband Brad have been ministering in New England for over 12 years and currently serve as Lead Pastors of Essence Place, a new church in Hartford, CT. They have three children: Cavin, Paxton and Havyn.

Christan Causey
Women’s Ministry Director
Phone: 508-248-3711 x751

Christan Causey 2020