Network of Women Ministers

She simply believed that she, with everyone around her, had a contribution to make.
We, at the Southern New England Ministry Network believe that too. The Network of Women Ministers exists to train, resource and connect credentialed women ministers in order that they might fulfill their God-given calling to the fullest potential. 


We are a group of women from various background in ministry, with a common desire to see the current and potential credentialed women of Southern New England fulfil their God given calling to the fullest potential. Please feel free to reach out to anyone on the lead team with questions, suggestions or input. It is an honor to serve you.

Bastos, R.N.

Lay Minister

New Life Church

Leominster, MA






Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha

Boston University



House of Prayer

Waterbury, MA


Director of

SNE Network Office

Sturbridge, MA

Dr. Patricia

Teaching Pastor for
Women's Ministry

Calvary Christian

Lynnfield, MA



Vietnamese Christian Ctr

Worcester, MA


Lay Minister
Board Member

Bethany A G

Agawam, MA



Lowell Assembly of God

Lowell, MA



Living Hope Church

Southwick, MA


Women’s Ministry

Brockton A G

Brockton, MA

NWM Coordinator:
Gina Escobedo Fatato

Gina grew up in Texas. Her early ministry began in her dad’s church. She did whatever needed to be done in Sunday School and Youth work. After a couple years of Bible College, she headed to Dental Hygiene school. While there she led a Chi Alpha ministry on the campus.

After college, she moved to Michigan and was married to Nick. They recently celebrated 36 years of life together. The family includes four children (three boys and a girl).

Gina and Nick worked side by side on college campuses in Michigan and Massachusetts. This included starting ministries and training leaders. They pastored Boston Worship Center in downtown Boston for 9 years.

The past thirteen years Gina has served with Nick in SNE Network leadership.

Gina continues to practice Dental Hygiene one or two days a week in addition to being a mom, discipler, teacher, encourager and passionate follower of Jesus.

Gina Escobedo Fatato
Coordinator or  SNE Network of Women Ministers

Gina Escobedo Fatato 2022 web


The image of God is best reflected, and the Church of Jesus Christ is healthiest, when both men and women are empowered to fulfill their calling at every level of ministerial leadership.

We were created uniquely and intentionally, with talents and strengths that can empower us to faithfully live out our purpose. By understanding and developing our personal strengths, we can actually be the kind of leaders we are meant to be: people who serve others and who act on the God-given opportunities around us every day. If you are interested in sharpening your giftings, learning from other women who have gone before you, and developing as a leader, the following trainings have been created just for you.

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups are small groups of 4-6 women gather together (remotely) once a month via Zoom to listen, grow and challenge one another both personally and professionally. Each participant has 15 minutes to share a challenging leadership issue that they are experiencing, a decision they are needing to make or an obstacle they are trying to overcome. The time together then becomes a brain storming time when other people that are not “in the thick of it” are able to look at the situation and offer insight. These groups tend to birth tremendous friendships, mentorship and community.

Mentoring with Northpoint

Mentorship is a vital tool to help young ministers develop in their calling. That is why the NWM is partnering with Northpoint Bible College to establish a mentorship opportunity for female students, called into ministry. Students will be paired with a trained, SNE credentialed female minister who will connect with the student once per month. These mentoring conversations will take place by phone, facetime or in person when possible.

If you are interested in being trained as a mentor, please inquire by clicking the link below.

Empowered: A Leadership Journey

Empowered: Leadership Journey Cohort, is a 9-month leadership development program for credentialed women in Southern New England. We will meet at the Network office on 3 separate occasions for a full day of teaching, team activities, and networking. The sessions will be taught by influential pastors, leaders and professors to provide practical ministry development skills. The fourth and final session will take place at a retreat center for a full weekend retreat.

On the in-between months (October 2022, December 2022, January 2023 and March 2023) each participant will receive 1-hour individual coaching through Zoom to bring awareness to core needs, goals, and ministry. The participant will also be required to read four books and work on a ministry projects throughout the cohort.

Dates 2022/2023:
Session #1: September 17, 2022
Session #2: November 12, 2022
Session #3: February 11, 2023
Retreat: April 21-23 2023

Tuition for the Empowered Leadership Cohort is $1,000 plus the cost of books and transportation to the retreat center. The cost will include: 3 in-person sessions and meals, all coaching, and the retreat (board and food). We hope to receive sponsorships from churches to cover this cost of this endeavor as an investment into the leadership development of their credentialed women.


We recognize there are unique challenges that apply to women in ministry. Our goal is to equip you with tools to add to your ministry “tool kit”. We want to help you develop your God given gifts and talents. To accomplish this goal, we have established a variety of resources to equip you to fulfil your calling.



We recognize there are unique challenges that apply to women in ministry. Our goal is to equip you with tools to add to your ministry “tool kit”. We want to help you develop your God given gifts and talents. To accomplish this goal, we have established a variety of resources to equip you to fulfil your calling.

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Living out our calling as credentialed women is unique and distinctive. Sometimes you need people who just get it. Join our SNE Network of Women Ministers facebook group, a safe place for credentialed women across our Network to gather, share, and encourage one another!