SNE Girl's Ministries

SNE Girls Ministries exists to help local churches and leaders fulfill the Titus 2 directive, to teach and mentor young women.  Girls’ Ministries works with girls throughout our region from the ages of three years old through High School. 

We offer:

  • Guidance in starting groups for the first time
  • Trainings for existing groups
  • Annual leadership Conferences (both locally and regionally)
  • District wide events for specific age groups 

If you have any questions, please contact our Girl’s Ministries Rep, Rev. Beth Morse. We look forward to working with you!

For girls
ages 3 – 4
For girls in kindergarten
For girls in
grades 1 – 2
For girls in
grades 3-5
For girls in
grades 6-8
For girls in
grades 9-12

SNE Girls Ministry Event



10am – 2 pm

Games, Worship and a Special Speaker

Bring a lunch, a snack will be provided

Share the Wonder of the Season with other girls

All for only $15.  Don’t miss it!

Girl’s Ministries Lead Team

Rev. Beth Morse
Girl's Ministries Rep
Cheryl Eaton
Deirdre Lewis
Darlene DeCastro
Claudia Hernandez-Araus

Ministry Director: Rev. Beth Morse

Beth Morse has been a part of the Girls Ministries since 1975 when she was a 5 year old “Daisy”.

“These groups have been woven in the fabric of my life, and I have been a sponsor since 1988 and a coordinator not long after that.  I believe that it is vital for young women to have the mentoring, teaching, and guidance of other Christian women as part of the gift we can give children as part of their “growing up experience” at our churches.  Girl’s Ministry is an invaluable resource to ladies and girls alike .  It is my heart for all girls within the network to have this opportunity.  I have led the group at Glad Tidings since 1997 and count it a privilege to have enjoyed watching a generation of girls grow up and flourish.”

Fulfilling the Titus 2 principle of women mentoring girls.

Beth Morse
Girl’s Ministry Rep
Phone: 508-248-3711

Beth Morse 2020