Ministry Presbyters

Ministry Presbyters seek to support credentialed ministers by providing prayer support to the minister, connection to leadership and peers, and resources for the minister and ministry.

The role is recommended and affirmed by the Executive Presbytery. The Ministry Presbyter will provide care and connection to 8-12 credentialed ministers assigned to them by the Network Leadership. They will send ongoing communication through text or email and will make connection periodically virtually and in person. The Network Leadership provides ongoing support, training, and direction for the Ministry Presbyters. For more information about the responsibilities of this role, you may review the Network Bylaws. You may fill out the contact form below, and our Director of Minister Care will respond to any questions or additional information needed.

We are currently in the first phase of this new role within our network. We currently have 22 Ministry Presbyters with approximately 250 ministers assigned. In the coming months, we will be appointing an additional round of Ministry Presbyters who will be trained and ready to receive assignments. If you were not assigned in this first roll out, please know that you will be in the next round.

If you have any questions or need anything at all, please let us know.