SNEMN Response to CoronaVirus

Like all of you, we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus and the impact on people both here and around the world. Many of our Southern New England churches have been affected in some capacity. We want to assure you that as a Network, we are committed to walking through the days ahead with you. We are here to support and resource you as you position yourselves to best lead and guide your communities.  

In order to accomplish this, we have begun to gather resources for our local church leaders.  Some of the immediate needs we have heard from you involve how to move your church services online and how to set up online giving. Our Network team has worked hard to research and identify the best, low cost, user friendly solutions. You can find the listing of these resources here on our website under COVID-19. Additionally, we understand that isolation will have a variety of effects on our ministers, our families and our churches. It is our intention to create resources and spaces for you to connect with one another and to help you reach those in your ministries.

We don’t want anyone in our SNE Network Family to feel disconnected during this time.  If you have a need, please let us know so that we can connect you with help. If you are a church with resources, please reach out to those in your area who may need help

Covid-19 Updates by State:

Each of the states in Southern New England have different guidelines and timelines for dealing with the pandemic.  Visit your state’s government portal to get the most up-to-date information.

SNE Community Online

We were created for community. In the coming days, living out community will look quite different than it has before. We want to ensure that our Southern New England ministers feel supported and connected during this time.  We welcome you to be part of our SNE Community on Facebook where our ministers can dialogue, learn, resource and grow from one another. Additionally, this is a platform where our Network team will communicate pertinent information to you as ministry leaders first.

All SNE credentialled and non-credentialled staff pastors are invited to join our private Facebook group.

National AG Response to COVID-19

Disruptions almost always create new opportunities. When we, the national Assemblies of God leadership team, prayerfully considered the impact of the COVID-19 virus we saw several potentially good outcomes that could be harvested, if we identified them and acted quickly.

SNE Church Reopening

"What We Are Learning"

As our Southern New England states phase into reopening in-person gatherings, we know you are hard at work establishing your churches reopening plans. We recently sent a survey to our Network pastors to capture some of their insight on what they have learned. This document is a summary of their challenges, guidance and recommendations. We hope this will be of help to you in the days ahead.