ANC Sunday Night

Ordination Service

A celebration of those who have come before, are running ahead, and are just beginning their journey as ordained ministers with The Southern New England Ministry Network.

Nick Fatato

Network Superintendent Nick Fatato delivers the opening message at the 2024 Annual Network Conference.

ANC Monday Morning

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy shares with us the discipleship strategy that he and his team have been using at Evangel AG.

Pastor's Panel

Brian Tracy leads a discussion with Paul Allen and Brian Faria on disciples making disciples.

Faith Robinson

Faith Robinson from Chi Alpha Boston shares with us about our role in making disciples.

Eliezer Perez

Eliezer Perez shows us the replicable path of discipleship modeled by Jesus.

Chris & Molly Hurtado

Chris and Molly share lessons they've learned about stewarding the call in those they've been entrusted to lead.

Steve Pike

Founder of Urban Islands and Next Wave Community, Steve Pike shares with us the first principle in making churches that plant churches.

ANC Monday Afternoon


Anthony reminds us of the purpose for pentecostal power, and challenges us with how we are using it.


Ashley challenges us to follow Jesus, despite the cost so that we can bring glory to God in Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as Boston.

ANC Monday Evening

Glenn Harvison

Glenn shares with us a message entitled "Get Yourself A Word" and encourages us to be careful in allowing our personal feelings from getting in the way of the truth God has already spoken in His Word.

ANC Tuesday

Lou Zinnanti

Lou shares with us the qualities that Spirit-Led leaders have in common.

NXGN Panel

Chris Hurtado hosts a conversation with NXGN leaders in our network about leading Spirit empowered student leaders.

Christan Causey

Christan shares with us about being compelled and constrained by the Holy Spirit.

Randal Ackland

Andrew Colón hosts a conversation with Randal Ackland about his work and discoveries covered in his ground breaking book: Toward Pentecostal Theology of Glossolalia.

Scott Giordano

Scott delves into the challenge of discerning when it's traction, and when it's a distraction as we empower our church to flow in the Holy Spirit.

Stories from the Network

Hiker Church - Steve & Lauri Hawley

Dinner Gathering - Brian Minnich

Peru Highlights - Selwyn Bodley

SNEMN Missionaries

Itinerant Ministry Interview

Empowered Leadership Cohort

School of Ministry - 3 Locations