CANCELLED for 2024

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SNEMN Churches
Israel Trip

We want to equip every minister, regardless of ministry size, with the opportunity to bring people to Israel at an affordable price. Dr. Paul Conway will provide an experience where you can help deepen church members’ understanding of Scripture while creating meaningful relational bonds.

March 10 - 21, 2024

BASIC ITINERARY:  10 days, 9 nights in Israel and 2 days of travel.
Further details to be provided at Orientation.


Pastor, have questions?  Click here to email Andrew Colón*

* Please, this link is only for Pastors taking a group.  If you have questions about attending this trip, direct your questions to the leader for your group.  Thank you.



  • Refunds – We are unable to offer refunds for this trip. If you are concerned with having to cancel, please secure a travel insurance plan with proper coverage.
  • Medical Insurance – We will offer medical insurance. Please see attached PDF in registration link for details regarding coverage.
  • Orientation will provide information on the following:
    • Safety protocols
    • Packing list
    • Insurance
    • Itinerary


  • Upon Registration [$100]
  • August 10 [$450]
  • September 10 [$450]
  • October 10 [$450]
  • November 10 [$450]
  • December 10 [$450]
  • January 10 [$450]
  • February 10 [$450]
  • March 8 [$350]