ANC Sunday Night

Ordination Service

A celebration of those who have come before, are running ahead, and are just beginning their journey as ordained ministers with The Southern New England Ministry Network.

Missio Dei - Nick Fatato

Network Superintendent Nick Fatato delivers the opening message at the 2021 Annual Network Conference.

ANC Monday Morning

Discovering Mission in Lament - Christan Causey

Director of Minister Care, Christan Causey shares with us a message about the healing power of lament.

Running with the Baton - Ava Range

2021 National Fine Arts winner, Ava Range shares with us her short sermon.

LIVE Podcast with Brian Krogh

Leadership Stories: Andrew Colón interviews Brian Krogh from Mount Hope Belmont about his growth as a communications expert.

ANC Monday Afternoon

Church Planting Legacy - Dave McNaughton & Nick Fatato

A discussion with Dave McNaughton and Nick Fatato about the our previous work in church planting in the Southern New England Ministry Network.

Three Legacy Church Transformations

The stories of three legacy churches being transformed in the Southern New England Ministry Network with pastors: Rick Picariello, Brian Krogh, Shannon Canoy, Brian Minnich and Kurt Lange.

I Thought I Was Hiding it Better - Isaac Picariello

SNEMN National Fine Arts competitor, Isaac Picariello shares with us his stand up comedy.

A Discipleship Story - Brian Tracy

Western, MA Presbyter Brian Tracy shares with us a story about discipleship.

Pipeline Leaders - Davie Hernandez

Nick Fatato introduces us to Davie Hernandez, from Restoration City Church in Boston.

Discipleship Culture - David Kim

University of Valley Forge President, David Kim shares with us his vision of creating a culture of discipleship.

ANC Monday Evening

SNE Chi Alpha Story - Nick Fatato

Our Superintendent, Nick Fatato shares with us the encouraging Chi Alpha story that's still growing in the Southern New England Ministry Network.

Heart of Discipleship - Eli Gautreaux

Chi Alpha Director of South Texas and New Mexico, Eli Gautreaux shares his story and experience on the Heart of Discipleship.

SNE Multiplication - Selwyn Bodley

Director of Multiplication, Selwyn Bodley helps us examine our strategies and plans for multiplication in Southern New England.

ANC Tuesday Morning

God of the Gaps - Andrew Colón

Director of Minister Development, Andrew Colón challenges us to make the most of the times God has given us to develop as leaders to be better prepared for when God calls on us to stand.

Creating a Multiplication Culture - Brian Minnich

Brian Minnich shares with us how Living Word Church in Worcester transformed into a body whose DNA is to multiply.

Minister Health Panel

SNEMN Director of Minister Health, Christan Causey hosts a panel discussion on Minister Health.

Network of Women Ministers Interview with Karen Rydwansky

Coordinator Gina Escobedo Fatato interviews Karen Rydwansky.

Racial Justice Update with Cecilio Hernandez

SNEMN Presbyter Cecilio Hernandez updates us on the network racial reconciliation initiative.

LIVE Podcast with Joy Skidmore

Contending For This Geography

SNE Superintendent, Nick Fatato closes out this year's ANC and challenges all of us in "Contending for this Geography".