Network Author Spotlight:

The Final Product: How Jesus Defined a Disciple (Discipleship Nuts and Bolts for the Local Church

Louis Zinnanti

The last thing that Jesus told his disciples before leaving earth was to “Go and disciple all nations”. If this is the mission of the followers of Jesus, we should be good at it. Unfortunately, many believers do not even understand what the characteristics of a true disciple are.With practical application developed in a local church setting, Louis Zinnanti sets forth a philosophy of discipleship based on Jesus’ own definition of a disciple. You will find ideas and strategies that can turn your church into a disciple making machine!

Trail Guide: A Simple Manual for Understanding the Bible

Lindsay Banton

Consider Trail Guide your go-to manual for navigating the Bible’s landscape. Using lessons from her family hikes and other adventures, Lindsay provides practical tips for exploring the Scriptures, fit for anyone–for those who have walked the paths of the Bible many times to those exploring it for the first time.

Spirit and Truth: Reclaiming the Heart of Worship

Aaron Rios

Whether you are a worship pastor, worship leader, or worshipper, this book was designed to kindle the flames of intimate worship moments for all Christians, no matter their position, talent or skill set. It beckons you to reflect on the gravity carried by the role we call “worship leader.” As you journey through these pages, you will not only be enlightened, but also inspired to venture deeper into the sacred realm of worship.