SNEMN Leader’s Israel Trip

It is our firm belief that every minister should go to Israel at least once in their lifetime. It is a transformative experience that brings the reality of God’s interaction with humanity alive in new ways. That’s why we’d like to invite our SNEMN credentialed ministers and spouses to join us on January 22 – February 2, 2023 for our SNEMN Leader’s Israel Trip.

“Five gospels record the life of Jesus. Four you will find in books and the one you will find in the land they call Holy. Read the fifth gospel and the world of the four will open to you.”
Author, Translator, Saint

Jan 22 - Feb 2, 2023


($100 Deposit Due Upon Registration)

ITINERARY:  10 days, 9 nights in Israel and 2 days of travel.
Further details to be provided at Orientation.

ORIENTATION DATE:  November (more details to follow)

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