Acts 2 Journey

a transformative process led by an experienced team to help you fulfill the vision you have been called to

Acts 2 Journey

The Acts 2 Journey Cohort is a transformative process led by an experienced team to help you fulfill the vision you have to strengthen your church spiritually, numerically and relationally. Join with a team of leaders from your church for a series of four weekend retreats over the course of a year to pray, dream, and strategize about the future of your church.

Discovery Process

We help you discover the answers to these ten questions:

1. Why do we exist? (Mission)
2. Where are we going? (Vision)
3. How should we behave? (Values)
4. How will we get there? (Strategic Plan)
5. How will we engage new people? (Go)
6. How will we treat them when they arrive? (Connect)
7. How will we disciple them? (Grow)
8. How will we train them to serve? (Serve)
9. How will we involve them in missions, both locally and globally? (Go)
10. How will we help them encounter God? (Worship)


Acts2 Journey dates:

Currently, all 2020 dates for Acts2 Journey are being rescheduled. 

New dates for 2021 have not been scheduled yet.


Retreat 1:  Why do we exist? Where are we going?
Retreat 2:  How should we behave?
Retreat 3:  How do we achieve our goals?
Retreat 4:  Launching the vision

Each Retreat begins with a Friday evening for Pastors and their spouse from 2:00 to 6:00pm.

Friday’s sessions will address leading change, conflict resolution, time management and recruiting team members, casting vision, communication, etc…

Saturday’s sessions run from 9:00am – 4:00pm, involves Pastors, spouses, and the vision team. Each church can have a maximum of 10 people. This team is critical to the process of graining ownership of the Acts 2 Journey providing assets in helping plan and launch the strategy that emerges.

2020 Location: Evangel Assembly of God, 348 Stony Hill Rd, Wilbraham, MA

If you have any questions or would like information about our upcoming 2021 Acts2 Journey Cohort, please contact us through the button below.