It is that time of year again, the time for all ministers to renew their credentials.
This page will review the 2 step process required to renew your credential.
STEP 1: The Network office no longer mails out the Tithe Verification Questionnaires (TVQ) on brightly colored paper. Instead, click this TVQ form and you will be brought to a secure portion of the Network website. Please fill the form out completely. Fill in your name and all contact information, your year to date giving from the email sent to you from our office, check the appropriate boxes, provide an explanation where applicable and enter your name in the bottom box which is your digital signature. Remember to hit submit at the end.
STEP 2:  Starting today, the General Council is sending out your 2023 renewal form, either through the US Postal Service or via email. If you receive a hard copy of your renewal in the mail, please fill the renewal out and send it to the Network office. If you receive your renewal from the General Council via email, click on the link in the email that brings you to the renewal section of their website and answer all the questions.
If you cant find your email from the General Council, click here, to be taken to the renewal page of the General Council’s website.
We cannot renew you until you complete both steps:
1)  Your Tithe Verification Questionnaire
2)  Your renewal form from the General Council
The deadline for both your Tithe Verification Questionnaire and your Renewal Form is December 31, 2022.
If you have any questions, please email our Executive Secretary, Paul Yacovone.
Grace and Peace
Nick Fatato
Network Superintendent