• Music in the church began, well, before the church was “the church.”  Musical worship probably began with the birds singing after they populated the earth and continued through Miriam, David, Asaph, a Temple Choir and continues through the 144,000 voice choir of the Redeemed (Revelation).  In between is, well, a lot of singing, playing, and even dancing. Biblical worship is joyful and reverent. Both at the same time, actually (Ps 2:11). So, in the centuries from David to today’s church, many opinions have been rendered about what worship in the Church should be.  That brings us to the role of the Worship Arts department at SNEMN.

    We exist to equip worship leaders and music teams, and to resource them.  We also are champions of a biblical theology of worship.  So, part of our equipping is theological, which should always precede and shape the philosophical.  

    So, we want to model biblical worship at network events as well as teach at the annual seminar, The Summit.  Check us out on our Facebook page and email us with your church’s worship leader/music pastor’s contact info.  We’ll happily keep you in the loop.

    Dr. Randy Quackenbush
    SNEMN Worship Arts Director

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